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How to Upgrade Your RV's Electrical System for Lithium Batteries?

If you want to utilize the upscaled performance of Lithium batteries at their best, you need to make specific changes to your RV. Here are a few particular pointers that can upgrade your RV's Electrical system to attain the most out of your lithium batteries.

Adjust Its Voltage
These batteries are customized with the latest phosphate technology. The best voltage level for your charger, as per recent research, is 14.4 volts. It packs the power that ensures your batteries provide better and quicker results.

Change Your Charger
Among the options available, you have a lead-acid charger. Lead-acid chargers don't charge at the desired voltage level of 14.4 volts. This lack of volt means that your batteries will take more time to charge completely and even then, fail to reach the batteries' full capacity.

Some chargers such as AGM and SLA are available variants to charge your batteries, but they are not as effective as a specific Lithium charger. It says and means "I'm full" when it is completely charged.

Solar Controller
If you can use other ways to charge your batteries, perhaps with an off-shore power resource, such as solar panels, you could use a solar charge controller to upgrade your battery's performance. The specified lithium settings in the controller will optimize the transfer of energy produced by the solar panels to your battery!

Engine's Alternator
You can also use your engine's alternator to charge your batteries. A DC-DC charger with adjusted settings could help you protect your engine and batteries from suffering any damage as it utilizes the electricity generated by the engine. It's a quick and efficient way to charge the batteries smoothly.

So knowing the changes needed is a lithium battery upgrade still worth it?
Most definitely yes!!

Here are 9 reason’s why a DFUN battery upgrade provides the greatest lifetime value

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  • Over Charged & Discharged Auto Cut-off Protection.
  • Over Current and Short Circuit Auto Cut-off Protection.
  • High Temperature Charging or Discharging Auto Cut-off Protection.
  • Low Temperature Charging Auto Cut-off Protection.
  • Built-in Cells Auto Balancing Hardware and Software.
  • Maximum Charge Current Up to 75A.
  • Continuous Discharge Current 100A.
  • Grade A Cells Inside and All The Cells are Fully Listed and Meet The UL1642 Standards.
  • Black Meta Cases that are Hard and Non-Flammable.
  • With Detachable Cover and Replaceable BMS & Cells Inside Which Will Strengthen the Lifetime of the Battery.
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