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What should I know if I want to replace the lead-acid battery with lithium-ion?

In order to get the correct battery for replacement, You should provide us the information below: voltage, capacity, power, and size. Please don’t hesitate to contact DFUN technical team to get assistance if you need it. We will be happy to assist you in choosing the correct battery.

How long does it take to charge DFUN lithium-ion battery?

LiFePO4 batteries can charge at the rate of 1C, while a rate that charges at 0.2C ~ 0.5C is more recommended, it is good for the lifespan of the lithium battery at a lower rate. Please feel free to contact us for more detailed recommended charge rates.

How deep can DFUN lithium iron phosphate batteries be discharged?

DFUN TECH LiFePO4 lithium-ion batteries can be discharged up to 100% without any risk of damage. Please make sure the battery should be charged within 24 hours after it is completely discharged. We recommend discharging the battery to 80-90% depth of discharge (DOD) to avoid the BMS disconnecting the battery.

Does the rate of discharge affect the lithium iron capacity?

The discharge rate of the DFUN LifePO4 batteries does not affect the delivered capacity, which is not the same as the lead-acid batteries, whose capacity will decrease significantly as the discharge rates increase.

What’s the difference between series and parallel connections?

The battery bank’s voltage will increase when connecting the batteries in series while the battery bank’s capacity will increase when connecting the battery in parallel. DFUN DFPA12100 lithium-ion battery can be connected in 4 series for 48V (maximum).

Can I mount the batteries in a horizontal or other position?

As there is no acid inside the lifePO4 battery, you can mount your lifePO4 battery in any position. As a result, you have more flexibility to mount the battery where is the best suitable for your application.

Would you accept the OEM design?

Yes, we provide the service of OEM, customize of voltage, capacity, charge current, discharge current, size, terminals, etc can be accepted. For any customized design please feel free to contact the DFUN support team at  support@dfunbattery.com.

What kind of packing do you provide?

DFUN Lithium-ion battery will provide the standard export carton or wooden case according to the battery size and weight, the package will be strong enough for long-distance transportation.