8 Years Warranty & 30 Days Return Guarantee!

12v 100ah lifepo4 battery
12v 100ah lithium ion deep cycle battery
12v 100ah lithium ion battery
DFPA12100 12V 200Ah RV Solar Home Lithium Batteries, Built-in Bluetooth, Maintenance Free & Come With 8 Years Warranty

DFPA12100 12V 200Ah RV Solar Home Lithium Batteries, Built-in Bluetooth, Maintenance Free & Come With 8 Years Warranty

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Providing 8 Years Warranty. It’s Free Maintenance with 4000 ~ 8000 Cycles Life Time @ 80% DOD.  

  • Built-in Smart MCU Battery Management System.
  • Built-in Bluetooth and Can be Monitoring by App.
  • Hardware & Software Protection for Charge, Discharge, Temperature.
  • Over Charged & Discharged Auto Cut-off Protection.
  • Over Current and Short Circuit Auto Cut-off Protection.
  • High Temperature Charging or Discharging Auto Cut-off Protection.
  • Low Temperature Charging Auto Cut-off Protection.
  • Built-in Cells Auto Balancing Hardware and Software.
  • Maximum Charge Current Up to 75A.
  • Continuous Discharge Current 100A.
  • Grade A Cells Inside and All The Cells are Fully Listed and Meet The UL1642 Standards.
  • Black Meta Cases that are Hard and Non-Flammable.
  • With a Detachable Cover and Replaceable BMS & Cells Inside Which Will Strengthen the Lifetime of the Battery.


Please note that if you need to connect the batteries in series, the batteries should be at the same state of charge ( SOC ) before they are connected.  



Built-in smart MCU battery management system

DFUN lithium iron battery protection board is built-in with hardware and software protection: including hardware protection for discharge overcurrent, discharge short circuit;  software protections: charge over-voltage protection, over-discharge protection,  charge & discharge temperature protection; what’s more, built-in battery cells auto balance.

Grade A Cells Inside

DFUN cooperate with the best cell manufacturers, all the DFUN lithium-iron battery pack are using the Grade A Cells inside,  and what’s more, all the cells inside are fully listed and meet the UL1642 standards.


All the DFUN 12V 100Ah lithium-ion battery packs are certified with UL / CE / UN38.3 / ISO9001  certifications.

Revolutionary battery pack designed

  • With the black metal case which is hard and non-flammable,
  • The metal cover is designed for disassembly, and the BMS & cells inside are replaceable so that the battery is repairable and can strengthen the lifetime of the battery.
  • To ensure the overcurrent capacity and reduce the possibility of cross-polarity, DFUN lithium-ion battery pack built-in high quality and customized thick copper bus connections.

Long Life-time and Long Warranty Time

We guarantee all the lifePO4 battery has a minimum of 4000 cycles lifetime @ 80%DOD, and the designed life is up to 10 years.  Several times lifetime compared to the lead-acid batteries while the weight is only 1/3 of the lead-acid batteries. What’s more, we provide 8 years of warranty for all the DFUN 12V 100Amp Hour lithium-ion battery packs.

Widely used

With the ability to handle any deep cycle applications,  DFUN 12V 100Ah LifePO4 lithium batteries are widely used in RV, Van, Camper, Marine, Camping, Solar Home, UPS backup, Golf Cart, and any other off-grid applications.

lithium battery for Rv lithium ion battery for golf cart li-ion battery for marine lithium iron phosphate battery for off-grid applications




 Nominal Voltage


Recommend Charge Current


 Nominal Capacity


Maximum Charge Current


 Run Time at 20A Load

 300 Minutes

Recommend Charge Voltage




BMS Charge Cut-off Voltage

 < 14.6V(3.65V/Cell)

 Internal Resistance

 ≤ 28mΩ(50% SOC)

BMS Charge Cut-off Recover

 < 14.4V(3.60V/Cell)

 Self Discharge

 < 3% / Month

Balancing Voltage

 < 13.5V(3.375V/Cell)

 Max Batteries in Series

 4 ( 48v Nominal )



 3.2V 100Ah Cells

 Discharge Temperature

 -4~140℉ (  -20 ~ 60 °C )


 Charge Temperature

 32~113℉ (  0 ~ 45 °C )

Continuous Discharge 



 Storage Temperature

 23~95℉ (  -5 ~ 35 °C )

 Peak Discharge 


 200A ( 1500 ms)

 BMS High Temperature Cut-off

 149℉ (  65 °C )

 BMS Short Circuit Cut-off Current

 500A (500μs)

 Reconnect Temperature

 131℉ (  55°C )

 External Low-Voltage Disconnect

 11.2V ( 2.8V/Cell)


 BMS Low-Voltage Disconnect


 Overall Dimensions  (LxWxH)


 BMS Low-Voltage Recover

 11.9V (2.975V/Cell)



 BMS Short Circuit 



 Terminal Thread Type



 Case Material 

 Black Metal Box


 UL1642      IEC62133(Cells)

 Weather Rating